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Each SUVBINDU INSTITUTE OF PROFICIENCY & MANAGEMENT Centre has a large and up- to- date collection of handpicked reference books, periodicals and reference manuals. These libraries are updated regularly with the latest issues…..


We provide courses on Diploma, Master Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Junior Diloma lavel, and various types of Certification courses. We also provide various types of Short-Term ISO Certified Training Programs. provide Corporate training……


The techniques adopted for the benefit of the students are

  • Classroom lectures for theoretical inputs with multimedia aids. One theoretical input is follow….      

SIPM GROUP is the multi Educational Training Institute (IT & Cultural as computer, literature, music, dances, Art etc.) and service provider Company. We are one of the fastest IT service provider, technical consultancy and knowledge out sourcing company situated in India. Our core areas are security systems, client server technology, web based applications, bio-metric solutions, Training programs in IT & Management sectors. SIPM GROUP is follow the latest approach in training.

SIPM GROUP focus is on defining new modes of knowledge sharing systems to create pool of experts and skilled resources in the field of IT and cutting edge technologies. SIPM GROUP understands that for an IT venture to be successful Expertise, Human Resources & Technology are the key factors. This has been the foundation of SIPM GROUP and today we are ready to serve.

SIPM GROUP is primarily into Internet services and solutions. We specialize in helping organizations integrate their businesses with the Internet right from the basic building blocks like website to more complex solutions built for specific industry verticals. We have an intimate understanding of what the Internet needs and will need in the future.

SIPM GROUP believes in innovating. We look at innovation as the primary way of differentiation. We have all the necessary state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities that ensure sufficient capacity to sustain the growing business needs and enable us to deliver high quality solutions to our clients. Our talented software professionals are experienced in a variety of technological platforms, processes, tools and paradigms. We have a hardworking and passionate team who believe in continuous learning and growth. Thus our attitude, capabilities, culture and values enable us to create customer delight. We create magic for our

clients and proudly call ourselves “SIPM GROUP”.

Govt. Regt. & AN ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institute

Associated with



“Sanghita Associates”

Bangiya Yuva Computer Saksharata Mission
ISO certification
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