The techniques adopted for the benefit of the students are

  • Classroom lectures for theoretical inputs with multimedia aids. One theoretical input is follow by two practical sessions to keep skill development at top priority.
  • Assignment to assess the student comprehension and to expose them to case study.
  • Guest Lectures by experts for sharing advance practical Knowledge.
  • Surprise test and class test to ensure that student remain up-to-date.
  • Seminars and presentation by the students to build their self-confidence.
  • After every semester, the students are encouraged to develop project on different case studies by utilization of their acquired knowledge. 


After completion of each module or semester, the students have to prepare project based on different case studies usually given to students for practical implementation of all that has been taught in the curriculum.

Remedial & Revision Classes

Remedial classes are specially designed for the students who fail to keep pace with other or need some individual attention. Revision classes are also arranged before each module to solve the doubts or queries about any aspect of the syllabus and to create confidence in students.

Out Door Activities

Picnic and tours are organized from time to time to break the monotony and create an important role in their overall development.

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